Aaron Swartz


A Nation of Unconvicted Felons

If you are reading this article, odds are you’re already a felon. Bold statement, I know. The problem is that I’m probably right. If you weren’t a felon when you started reading this paragraph, you are now. The state of computer and internet related laws in the… Read More


July 2011 Survey of MIT Professors About Aaron Swartz’s Case

I (Gregg Housh) was given this data anonymously. I did not conduct this survey, although I have verified that the survey happened, and that the data is trustworthy. Below you will find an explanation from the person who did the survey, and then the data itself. Below the divider anytime… Read More

Carmen Ortiz

Carmen Ortiz Has Released A Statement

I wanted to use an image of the word LIAR, but was told it would be too much. Here it is: January 16, 2013 STATEMENT OF UNITED STATES ATTORNEY CARMEN M. ORTIZ REGARDING THE DEATH OF AARON SWARTZ As a parent and a sister, I can only imagine the pain… Read More