What is it all about?

This question is asked at every event activists have been taking part in lately: events related to privacy, the NSA, over-prosecution, protecting the fourth amendment and so much more. We all get asked by media, passers by, family, friends, and anyone needing clarification. The problem with this particular question is… Read More

Investigative Journalism

The Vacuum That Created Anonymous, Wikileaks, and the Whistleblower Explosion

I have been asked many times about the short period between January 2007 and now. Many wonder "Why now?" The people asking these questions are really wondering what exactly led to this new social development. A culture of leaking, whistle-blowing, and hacktivism targeting censorship, oppression, and human rights violations. There… Read More

Barrett Brown

My Friend Barrett Brown

Image by Nikki Loehr. Much has been said about Barrett Brown online and in the press. Some of it true, some of it lies, most of it sensationalist. Not much of it has been personal. I don't know where I am going with this, but here goes. I first talked… Read More


Installing Ghost on Ubuntu, Nginx and MySQL

I have spent the last few hours getting my new copy of Ghost installed and working on a fresh Ubuntu 13.04 server with nginx and forever. Someone out there might find this information useful, so here it is. Step 1 - Installing Ubuntu This step is really best answered… Read More


A Nation of Unconvicted Felons

If you are reading this article, odds are you’re already a felon. Bold statement, I know. The problem is that I’m probably right. If you weren’t a felon when you started reading this paragraph, you are now. The state of computer and internet related laws in the… Read More

Gregg Housh

Activism and Family

Recently I was invited to speak at the Pirate Party of Massachusetts’ annual convention about my experiences in activism. Being one of the first guys involved in Anonymous’ transformation into a protest movement in 2008, I naturally have a lot to say about getting out in the streets and getting… Read More